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About Us

sense beginnings

We started sense to bring a new outlook to food supplements. We've had a family interest in this subject going back 40 years and we wanted to make supplements that really make a difference. 

sense is about living your life to the full but accepting that your body may need some help along the way so our first range of products helps you enhance the way you live today; a lifestyle range that everyone can benefit from.

why it all made sense - the founder's story

“I couldn’t have had a better start in life as far as health and nutrition is concerned. All the information was in front of me” - read more in our Founder's blog post.

sense ethos

At sense we use natural, high quality ingredients in formulas designed by our own research and development scientists. 

Absorption of active ingredients is key to the sense ethos so our products maximise bio availability (use by the body) and as a result are much more effective.

We use only the very minimum excipients (binders, fillers, bulking agents) and only when absolutely necessary - often we use none at all.

expert perfect sense

sense uses science and nature to bring you effective, quality food supplements for your lifestyle. We know that temptations are everywhere so you need to give your body a helping hand. Let's face it, if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you....makes perfect sense!

ask the nutritionist

If you've any questions about nutrition in general, or sense products in particular, then our nutritionist Dimitra is on hand to answer them - just ask away!