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The Sense range of nutritional supplements are expertly formulated by our own team of accredited nutritionists.

Dimitra is our head nutritionist, with a double masters in Nutrition & Food Science and over ten years of experience working in the industry.

Dimitra' s career has included researching and developing product ranges for various markets globally and has formulated more than 70 products so far....did we say she knows her stuff!

Please contact our nutritionist to ask for advice about using our products as part of your lifestyle choices.

Dimitra explains her passion for nutrition...."It began at a young age, 13. I integrated what I had learnt from my first book on nutrition into my daily life and realised the powerful contribution it had. I was a nerd from an early age:) My interest developed with guidance from my biochemistry professor and nutritionist.

My approach to nutrition is both natural and scientific, I believe in only using natural ingredients . My goal is to deliver products with ingredients that individually and combined will help people improve their daily life, on a short and long term basis. The Founder of Sense shares similar goals. When I was asked to co- develop and formulate the Sense lifestyle range, I was delighted.

At Sense we have a holistic approach towards health, lifestyle and overall happiness that provides you with effective, natural and quality supplements."

Not surprisingly, Dimitra's favourite quote is "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food", a principle which was first quoted by Hippocrates and with which we at Sense wholeheartedly agree....with a reservation though. Food supply today is not what it used to be in terms of nutrition.

If you have any queries about Sense products, whether they will benefit you or if you just want to ask something personal about nutrition, please email Dimitra confidentially here giving your name, age and phone number along with your query and she will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Your body is a complex mix of many different systems working efficiently and effectively most of the time but we do our best to try and upset its rhythm through our lifestyle choices.

Whatever we drink or eat and the environment we live in will determine whether our body’s natural rhythm stays in sync or goes a little wayward. Are you a coconut water drinker or a coffee lover with a white wine chaser? Is it quinoa and lentils for lunch or a burger and chips?

We're all different - some of us will eat and drink in unhealthy ways and be no worse off. Others cannot even look at food without putting on pounds or clogging up arteries. Or maybe you can down a gallon of beer or wine on a Friday night and feel great in the morning but others struggle to have a couple of drinks without massive after effects.

At sense we would love for everyone to be super healthy but we know today’s lifestyle offers us constant temptations.

If, like all of us, you succumb to these temptations then sense food supplements can help you take care of your body...helping to love yourself a little bit more.

You’re probably thinking.. “do food supplements really work?!”
This very question is part of our everyday life at sense. It is answered through the very nature of the existence of sense and the result are the products we develop.
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