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About You - Sense Health

“Eat, drink and be merry!” or so the saying goes. Trouble is it may only be true for a couple of hours, or days or weeks before the smile goes from our face and the effects of our activities or our environment can come home to roost.

At sense we advocate that if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.  Makes perfect sense of course.  You can do this directly by taking control of your life…

…if you are carrying too much weight for your body shape and height, we could let you have a great regime where you can eat as much as you like and we could guarantee the weight would fall off you….(but here is the rub) by cutting out dairy, wheat and sugar from your diet.  Interested?  Click here

...if you smoke and don’t want to give up quite yet, there are a host of ways we could suggest you kick the habit…hypnosis, patches, nasty chewing gum or plain will-power.  Interested?

…if you have high cholesterol (and there are many reasons why this might happen), there are a host of new fangled  (some might say destructive) drugs to help…or you can look at your diet too. Interested?

…if you have been invited for a night out, we could suggest you maybe have one and leave it at that or don’t start at all, that way there is no danger of getting messed up. How to Drink Sensibly.

…if you lifestyle is getting too hectic, if you tummy is messed up or you don’t like all this pollution…there are lots of options, easy peasy just move to the country…or impose some calm. Interested?

But that would be no fun!  Or simply impractical or you just don’t fancy it. 

In which case, the sense lifestyle products may be the way forward…just for now.  Love yourself a little more….makes sense, because you are worthy.