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About You - Wellbeing

Your body is a complex mix of many different systems working efficiently and effectively most of the time but we do our best to try and upset that rhythm by our lifestyle choices. Whatever we drink, whatever we eat and the environment we live in will determine whether our body’s natural rhythm stays in sync or goes a little wayward. Perhaps, you continuously challenge the balance that holds your body’s rhythm together or do so only once in a while.  Do you drink coconut water all day, every day or supplement your in take of diet coke with the odd vodka and red bull?  Are you satisfied with quinoa and lentils for lunch with fruit and mint tea or do you prefer meat pies, sausage and mash?

We are all different and some of us will eat and drink in so-called unhealthy ways and be no worse off because of it.  Others (and the numbers seem to be increasing) cannot even look at a meat pie without putting on pounds or clogging up arteries.   Some of us can down a gallon of beer or wine on a Friday night and feel great in the morning whilst others struggle to have a couple of drinks without risking the after affects.

At Sense we would love for everyone to be super healthy, eating and drinking and living in a way that enhances and extends our lives to the nth degree but we understand that today’s lifestyle offers us temptations that no longer come around once in a while but are constant in our lives fuelled by ads and marketing campaigns that work subliminally on our sub-conscious to make us buy all the good stuff or bad stuff, depending on which way you look at it. 

Anyone who feels they succumb a little to these temptations (and let’s face it we all do) or is simply enjoying life to the max 24/7 but wonders about upsetting that rhythm we mentioned, then there is now help at hand in the Sense Lifestyle range of food supplements.  Get ready for tomorrow….food supplements for today.  Makes perfect sense.